Boite Séquentielle B-Series to H-Series

Boite Séquentielle B-Series to H-Series

A real custom design made by DMRR Ltd for Honda Performances! Indeed, this sequential gearbox Quaife Engineering is made a special B-Series with conversion kit to adapt to H-series.

1. Conversion Kit H to B-Series (H2B)

The Evolution Industries H2B Conversion kit is developed, engineered and manufactured in the U.S.A. Unlike the competition, they built a rigorously tested plug n'play system. Our kit comes with signature zinc oxide plated adapter plate, Evolution Industries SFI approved aluminum flywheel with serrated heat treated friction plate, custom pillow block mount for half shaft, 8.8 grade bolts, solid dowels, and slave cylinder spacer. No kit on the planet even comes close!! It is complete and comes with reinforced engine mounts for the chassis model of your choice (here Civic EG 92-95 LHD).

2. Sequential Gearbox QUAIFE B-Series

In association with Quaife Engineering and DMRR Ltd we were able to build this B-Series sequential gearbox for mounting on the H2B Conversion Kit. This gearbox works on 5 explosive gears! Each shift sounds like a gunshot! Unbelievable! The housing has been fully CNC machined to measure in an aluminum block. DMRR also provided us with the engraved gear shifter and the digital LED gear position indicator. The shifter is associated with the Easyshift ECU also provided in the pack with the wiring harness.

3. Featured

  • Quaife QBE9J001 gearbox kit
  • Quaife ATB differential Civic & CRX VTEC Y21
  • Ratio
    1st : 2.636
    2nd : 1.833
    3rd : 1.375
    4th : 1.111
    5th : 0.947
    Final : 3.786
  • Billet bellhousing
  • Easyshift ECU + wiring harness
  • Geartronics gear position indicator

This gearbox Quaife Engineering - DMRR Ltd will be coupled to the H22 Turbo of our Civic EG Rocket Bunny +600hp and will be able to reach 300km/h!

4. Prix

To offer you this kit of pieces of goldsmithing, you will have to pay:

- Between 3000€* and 4000€* for H2B conversion kit (depending on options)

- Between 12 500€* a,d 13 500€* fore Quaife sequential gearbox kit, billet bellhousing, ATB, shifter, wiring harness, etc etc...

*Prices incl. VAT with shipping