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Find the entire parts catalog from the Tegiwa website on Honda Performances. In 2019 Tegiwa & Honda Performances is strengthening their association in front of Brexit to provide you all the parts of all the brands visible on the Tegiwa website. Honda Performances France becomes the largest Tegiwa dealer in Europe. Everything that is visible on Tegiwa is also available at Honda Performances with prices in euros, shipping from France of our 1000m² building. So we supply most professional sellers in France and Europe.

Tegiwa is an Anglo-Saxon brand which distributes most of the Japanese car preparation brands. It is notably the European representative of major brands such as Skunk2, M-Factory and Yellow Speed. The success of the brand is due to its first ambition named Tegiwa Import offering an exceptional number of auto parts for Japanese vehicles only.
Subsequently, we see the birth of the first specially manufactured pieces of the Tegiwa brand. There are large volume radiators, hardware in the brand colors and even high quality direct admissions. To everyone's amazement, Tegiwa even sees itself creating almost identical exhaust manifolds to the biggest brands like Toda racing or Skunk2, both in form and in quality. It is therefore a great success for the Anglo-Saxon brand! We will see more and more "TEGIWA" fonts on a large number of Hondas, especially in the CIVIC CUP segment.

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